The Aconcagua Valley is a semi-desert region in the 32°S parallel, which receives less than 200 mm of rainfall per year. Consequently, the vineyards incorporate drip irrigation and a vertical trellis. We have a small Tempranillo vineyard at the winery near Santa María, and we purchase the remainder of our fruit from dedicated growers in the valley. In particular, the Redonda Vineyard is on the north bank of the Aconcagua River near Panquehue, which has a strong coastal influence. The vineyard is south facing and features colluvial decomposed-granite soils.

In 2008, we bought 14 hectares near the town of Cauquenes in the Maule region of Chile, about four hours south of Santiago, in the 35°S parallel. The vineyard has a cooler, more coastal climate than the Aconcagua vineyards, with about 700 mm of rainfall a year. Ancient, deep, rusty red clay soils retain much of the rain, allowing us to dry farm the vineyard. We chose Petite Sirah and Tempranillo because they do well under dry-farmed conditions. The vineyard also includes a small section of hundred-year-old País (Mission) vines.


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