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As a small, boutique winery, we have chosen to make red blends to create complexity and consistent quality by working with several different varieties. Our hand-crafted wines aim to reflect the regional differences of the areas the grapes are grown. We grow the Cauquenes fruit and the Aconcagua Tempranillo, while the balance is purchased from dedicated producers of fine wine grapes. All our fruit is hand harvested, fermented in small open top bins, basket pressed, and aged for about 18 months in French and American oak barrels (about 15% new).

Our Aconcagua blend dates to 2004, when we made two barrels each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from the Manzur Vineyard just outside San Felipe. Over the years, it has grown into our signature blend, with a Syrah base that brings the juicy fruit flavors and soft, lush tannins of the Aconcagua terroir, Cabernet Sauvignon to tighten up the structure and add spice, and small amounts of Tempranillo, Petite Sirah, and Malbec for increased complexity.

Our Cauquenes blend, first released with the 2014 vintage, is about half Tempranillo and half Petite Sirah, with a bit of País from the hundred-year-old vines on the property. The blend clearly reflects its origins, grown from dry-farmed, head-trained vines on the deep red clay soils that dominate the area. The wines from this vineyard feature well-structured tannins, wild blackberry and cherry flavors, and lots of earthy spice.

2016 Aconcagua

Flaherty 2016 Aconcagua Valley

A red wine blend from the Aconcagua Valley of Chile
72% Syrah | 15% Cabernet Sauvignon | 7% Petite Verdot | 4% Tempranillo | 2% Petite Sirah
Syrah 11 tons /ha
Cabernet Sauvignon 9 tons/ha
Petit Verdot 10 tons/ha
Tempranillo 1.4 kilos/plant
Petite Sirah 9.5 tons/ha

100% Barrel aged for 18 months
18% New French and American oak
Total production: 30,070 bottles
Bottled 14 and 15 May 2018
Alcohol 14.4% (vol %)
Volatile acidity 0.64 g/l
pH 3.49
Total acidity 5.86 g/l tartaric acid
Reducing sugar 2.35 g/l
The 2016 growing season was cool, contributing to a long, slow ripening. Rain arrived the third week of April. We were already harvesting when the rain hit, so we were able to bring in most of the fruit before mold problems took hold. The 2016 Aconcagua Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot are sourced from the Redonda Vineyard located on the southern slopes of the Andes mountains in Panquehue in the Aconcagua Valley. These vineyards feature alluvial loam soils at an altitude of 450 meters. The Syrah was harvested 31 March to 21 April; the Cabernet Sauvignon on 21, 22, and 23 of April; and the Petit Verdot on 23 April. The Petite Sirah is sourced from the Alamo vineyard in Panquehue. The Tempranillo is from the vineyard at our home near Santa María, in a warmer section of the Aconcagua Valley with alluvial loam soils and an altitude of 530 meters; the grapes were harvested on 2 April.

All the grapes were hand harvested and de-stemmed directly into small one-ton open-top fermenters. The fermentations were punched down by hand three times per day. After macerating for a total of 10 days, on average, the wine was basket pressed and then racked to barrel. The wine aged 18 months in 225 liter barrels and 4,100 liters French oak uprights. The blend components included 13% new American and 5% new French oak barrels. The wine was filtered but not fined before being bottled.

Our Flaherty 2016 Aconcagua blend reflects the cooler growing season, displaying dark-fleshed plum and red cherry flavors, together with red licorice and dried peach (called huesillos in Chile). Notes of violet, lavender, sour cherry, black cherry, spearmint, cola, vanilla cream, moss, toasted oak, and new leather contribute complexity and depth. This medium-bodied wine has a twist of acidity on the entry and finishes with silky, juicy tannins. Best before 2023.
Ed Flaherty

2016 Cauquenes

Flaherty Cauquenes 2016
DO Cauquenes, Maule Valley

A dry-farmed red wine blend from Cauquenes, Chile
61% Tempranillo | 35% Petite Sirah | 4% País
Tempranillo 1 kilo/plant
Petite Sirah 1 kilo/plant
País 0.5 kilo/plant

100% barrel aged for 18 months (34% new)
Total production: 6,660 bottles
Bottled on 3 January 2018
Alcohol 14.9% (vol %)
Volatile acidity 0.85 g/l
pH 3.47
Total acidity 7.04 g/l tartaric acid
Reducing sugar 2.35 g/l

We bought the fourteen hectare Tequel Vineyard property in 2008 and planted the vineyard between 2010 and 2011, using the traditional cultivation techniques still common in the region—in particular, dry farming and head training. The vineyard is located about 15 kilometers south of Cauquenes in the Maule Region of Chile and 42 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, which provides a cooling influence. The gently rolling hills of the area feature deep red clay soils of granitic origin. The Tempranillo and Petite Sirah were planted in 2010 based on the crazy theory that grape vines are hardy plants that can live on their own, without the pampering of drip irrigation or a trellis system. This approach was inspired by the original País vines growing on the property, which are older than anyone still living in the area. Thus, the Tequel Vineyard is dry-farmed and head-trained, and the wine expresses the land and viticultural traditions of Cauquenes, Chile.

Our Flaherty 2016 Cauquenes blend is mouth-filling and complex, with dry-farmed flavors and aromas, richness on the palate, and juicy, rustic tannins. Wild blackberry, cherry, and blueberry flavors are beautifully complemented by notes of leather, fresh raspberry, plum, pie spices, and an inky undertone of graphite. This is a wine that will age well, gaining complexity with time in the bottle. We recommend drinking by 2026.
Ed Flaherty

2016 Magnolio

Casa del Magnolio 2016
Cuatro Cepas, DO Chile

A red blend of four grape varieties from two distinct growing regions of Chile
45% Cabernet Sauvignon | 31% Syrah | 19% País | 5% Petite Sirah
Cabernet Sauvignon 9 tons/ha
Syrah 11 tons/ha
Petite Sirah 1 kilo/plant
País 0.5 kilo/plant

100% barrel aged for 14 months (22% new)
Total production: 10,098 bottles
Bottled on 21 December 2017

Alcohol 14.4% (vol %)
Volatile acidity 0.68 g/l
pH 3.61
Total acidity 5.65 g/l tartaric acid
Reducing sugar 2.00 g/l

The 2016 Casa del Magnolia / Cuatro Cepas is a blend our lush ripe Aconcagua fruit with the spicy rustic wines we produce from our Cauquenes vineyard. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are sourced from the Panquehue sub-region of the Aconcagua Valley. The soils are colluvial decomposed granite with loam, and the vines are drip irrigated due to the semi-desert climate. The Pais and Petite Sirah come from our dry-farmed Tequel Vineyard located 400 km due south, in the Cauquenes region. This are receives an average of 700 mm of rainfall a year. The vineyard has deep red clay soils that retain the water and a gentle north-facing slope.

This red blend has spicy notes of dried herbs and ripe red fruits from the Cabernet Sauvignon, which dance in the mouth. The Aconcagua Valley Syrah contributes silky tannins and licorice, providing a lovely contrast to the crunchy tannins from the dry-farmed Cauquenes fruit. Dried strawberry flavors from the Pais and inky blackberry from the Petite Sirah round out the blend.
Ed Flaherty


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